Saturday, June 6, 2009

Le Diplo and Outlook

I’ve got a couple of stories in the English edition of La Monde Diplomatique this week. One is about the state of reading and writing in Kerala; you can read the on-line version here.

They also printed “Intimations of a Greater Truth,” a story from my collection here.

I was pleased by the review of If It Is Sweet in this week’s Outlook. You can read the whole thing here. Perhaps my favorite part was this:

Koshy’s greatest strength is that she never over-explains or condescends. She expects the reader to follow even the most dizzying movements, such as rapid changes of geography, or sly shifts from interior monologue to dialogue.

This fine sensibility sets her apart. So many writers today rush to ‘say something’ at the expense of artistry. Koshy is a rare—and very welcome—exception.


  1. I loved the story, Susan. It was so delicate & nuanced. Can't wait to read more. -dtb

  2. I liked your story 'The Good Mother'.
    Extremely well written.The wryness of writing has shades of Rohinton Mistry.
    Loved the description of walls and balconies:
    "But neither do the two balconies, nor do the houses themselves, bear any relationship of symmetry or accord any thought to each other."

  3. Why can we not buy you book in Barnes and Nobles and Borders in US ? Shouldnt the books release in these stores in US as well.. There is a hungry indian/american audience for your work and the likes -- but we cannot go to a store and pick up a copy ! :(

  4. You'll have to settle for Amazon till I find an American publisher. I've been told publishers here and everywhere are very little interested in short stories, especially by unknown writers. The books getting wonderful reviews in India. Lets see if that generates interest from American publishers. Until then it wont be available in American stores.