Thursday, December 10, 2009

Night before last I dreamt I was swimming. As so often happens in dreams I was both able to inhabit my body and step away from it. Looking through my eyes, I saw the world underwater. It was murky and beautiful, and within my dream, dreamlike. From far away at treetop level I saw me below, floating on the surface of what must have been a forest pool. I was back-stroking, moving languidly, creating ripples around me. Then I woke.

I cant swim. Not in real life. So this should have been a most delicious dream. My kids have those flying dreams that only children can have. Listening to them talk afterward, I conclude there is pleasure in dreaming of the impossible.

But swimming... My children can all swim. I change the subject when they bring up my inability. I act blase because I fear them seeing how poor I feel about this thing I can't do.

I woke up from my dream of swimming and immediately felt how sad it was to dream of the possible as if it were impossible.


  1. Lovely. Great fan of your prose. By the way, on the subject of possibilities, did you hear about the sail? It's on my blog! Tell your kids about it, too :)

  2. It is nicely written. Dreams rule many thoughts that spark from sub conscious mind. Many stories come and go by, however very few make a note about it; may be because very few know how to bring thoughts into a document, like you did. I felt realy great to know about your possessing SHAKTI BHATT MEMORIAL FIRST BOOK PRIZE. In fact, I came to know about you because of the above mentioned memorabilia. I read Hindu Newspaper, its realy great to find a pearl from ocean, you. I am great grandson of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay (Popularly known as Katha Shilpi in West Bengal).
    - Akash Mukherjee.

  3. I can't swim either, and I feel that lack very much too... I tried to learn for some time as a kid. I remember the teacher once saying, "When you relax and float, it's the best feeling in the world". Having recently discovered how to pleasure myself I thought she HAD to be wrong. *Grin*. And now I wonder what I missed...