Friday, February 11, 2011

tooth fairy

The tooth fairy left Rs 50 under Akshay's pillow but forgot to collect the tooth. Akshay handed me the tooth this morning, politely stressing 'tooth fairy' as he made an observation about her increasing forgetfulness. Indeed the tooth fairy has left the wrong amount on a number of occasions and entirely forgotten to leave money on other occasions - resulting in a correspondence in which she has apologized and been forced into negotiations over late payment fines. I don't think the tooth fairy is headed toward dementia so much as she is troubled by living in a house without a roof. When I was a child we threw the tooth on the nearest roof - ours. Where we live now there is a flat stacked on top of our flat. And a small pile of ivory accumulating under the newspaper lining my almirah.


  1. In my house the tooth fairy is given a lot to work on. She first has to fight the ants, enter their abodes of mud and sand and argue with the friendly earthworm. Probably that's the reason my daughter's incisors are so late in the regrowth phase...
    Anyways, loved your article.