Monday, December 24, 2012

First Reviews

A couple of reviews have come out this week. Extracts and links are below.

 First, there is this from Naintara Oberoi in Time Out:
Motherhood looms very large – and in many forms – in the book as well. Koshy’s contemplative eye takes in several maternal figures...Despite the drama, Not Only the Things That Have Happened is far from schmaltzy, rather feeling its way through the kinds of lack that cannot be blotted out. The novel retains Koshy’s characteristically measured, poetic voice with its undertow of unease. (Full review here.)        

And this from
The immersion in the lives of the people of this region is almost Faulknerian in its intensity, along with the milieu against which they have come of age: The influence of Catholicism, the grip of caste, trade union and Left movements and the distance between the impoverished village and the bustling city...Koshy’s
 primary interest is in the impact of past bereavement on present-day lives and she follows her characters’ befuddled journeys and their real and imagined histories with an empathetic eye. (Full review here.)
Update: You can read a more recent, and very nice, review of the book by Anvar Alikhan in India Today here. 

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