Monday, February 18, 2013

Favourite interviews so far

Mridula and her daughter Surya
A good interview is sometimes better than a good essay because there are two minds at work in the interview. I've given dozens. Here are a few of my favourites.

February, 2013 with Janice Pariat at The Fuschia Tree. We discuss, time, bicycles and weightlessness. 

February, 2013, with Anupama Raju in The Hindu. "I want to be fair to the reader."

February, 2013, my first live chat, on IBN. Many questions, quickly. (Did I mention I type with two fingers only?)

Janurary, 2013, in Malayalam on Asianet. (Video.)

December, 2012, on Back Page , Oregon Public Broadcasting. (Video.)

July, 2012, Platform Magazine. On Not Only The Things That Have Happened.

May, 2012, with Deepanjana Pal, from interview that ran in Elle, India.

April, 2012, radio interview on Australia's 'Yes She Can’, a multicultural women’s radio program broadcasting on Canberra’s Multicultural Service (CMS) 91.1 FM. You can hear the show here.

August, 2009, "Mridula Koshy is a sleepy, sleepless optimist (and author of the much buzzed book 'If it is Sweet')"-- interview on Aspi's Drift.

May, 2009, with Aditi Machadoon Blotting Paper.

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