Sunday, April 21, 2013

Book Sale: Get Your Signed Copies Here!

Get one while you can!
All the way from Australia
UPDATE: Sorry, but this sale is closed, as I'm back in India. In the US, you can find copies of the book by searching on Amazon.

I'm relocating to Delhi in a couple months. I was hoping to do a big public reading at which I would make copies of my new book available. Well, it's not happening, what with the chimney that's leaning, the kitchen counter that's absorbed so much water it's less particle board and more H2O and maybe some other things besides. But my busy-ness with remodeling and relocating is no reason for you to lose out on getting a hold of the book. 

So we have this on-line book sale. During the month of April and May, while supplies last you can have a signed, hard-bound copy of Not Only the Things That Have Happened for $15 ($18 including postage anywhere in the US).  I've also got a few copies of the Australian edition of If It IS Sweet (paperback) on sale for just $10 ($12 including postage). 

If you want a copy (or copies) of either or both books, just drop me an email at Include your mailing address, and I'll tell you a couple simple ways you can pay (e.g., small, unmarked bills; paypal or an hour or two of brick hauling or yard work). You can read reviews of both books here.

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