Monday, November 29, 2010

2010 Pride Parade, Delhi

Photo credits: Akshay Koshy.
In this photo, Surya and I.

My eldest son asked me why anyone would care what happens in the privacy of someone's bedroom, which led to a discussion about how one's sexual orientation, whatever it may be, is a part of one's whole life, not just one's life in the bedroom.  

My middle son wanted to know why should we care about gay people.This led to a discussion about the people we know who identify as queer. It took a second for the lights to go on, because he had forgotten to remember this aspect of their identity.  We talked about the idea that some people we know and love may not be out. 

My daughter had no trouble understanding that when we allow one group of people to be targeted for hate then none of us are safe.

It was a great day.  We talked a lot., but we never did get around to discussing the fact that historically the queer community has been present in civil rights struggles all over the world.  Six years ago, when I first attended the Narmada Andolan rallies at Jantar Mantar, I saw Delhi's GLTB community out in force. I was happy to be in this city.

Happy Pride, Delhi!


  1. I loved the pictures and the fact that you are having that conversation with the kids alias our wonderful grandchildren!

  2. Kudos to you for participating and discussing the relevant issues with your kids! I am asexual ( - the more we embrace diversity in sexuality and race, the better especially in a multicultural country like India.

    On a light note, loving your cute outfit and that hair as always! You look so youthful. I can hardly believe you're married and with kids too!

    PS - I'm the one who sent you the email titled "Celebration of curls"

  3. Mariam,

    it was fun to get your longer email, and of course this comment. I will reply at length to that email. Thank you for reading.